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Follies is the progressive, rhythmic folk creation of Bloomington-based solo artist, Kate Siefker. Self recorded, mixed, produced, and illustrated, Follies creates a unique one-on-one experience with her listeners through layers of percussive textures and harmonies.
Siefker has worked in collaboration with many Bloomington artists, including her previous work with local freak-folk group, an argot. She co-wrote and self-produced the band’s recent album "Prima Materia", but is now focusing on producing her first album as an individual artist.
While Follies’ individuality is clear, Siefker does more than break new musical and stylistic ground; she has a genuine passion for her craft:
“Music is my soul - this is probably the most cliche thing you can say, but all my energy and my being resonates in music. Even if I tried to not write songs, it would still happen in my mind. This is the most liberating way I know how to identify with the world and the chaos within it.”


Forest Rambler

Forest Rambler is a multi-talented, multi-faceted band in Bloomington that continues to bring great music into the world. They are comprised of many different instruments that create a fascinating blend of music. The songs that are developed by Forest Rambler shows the truly amazing talent behind the project. Listen to their self titled album, newly released, on their bandcamp.

No Chance Umbrella

No Chance Umbrella is a great new duo that is just starting to get their feet on their ground. They play great, cute, fun music and are looking to get themselves out there and keep playing more shows.

Previous Artists

Peter Oren

Peter is from southern Indiana.  He moved to Bloomington in 2010 for school and began writing songs. Only with encouragement from friends did he begin to bring it out of his bedroom for others to hear.  Peter quit school after two years because the university became more a source of aggravation and confusion than one of fulfillment.  Now he’s living cheap and still writing.  In the winter of 2013 he began working with friends to flesh out his songs with a full band.  He bought a telecaster, and the band, called Swales, recorded a self-titled six-song EP.  What comes next is not clear, but it looks like it’ll involve some travels in the West.  He is 21 years old.


Hayley Valentine

Music has always been an extremely significant part of Hayley's life.  She has been singing since she can remember, but it wasn't until she was 16 that she discovered just how much she needed music in her life.  She began to write music of her own after her older brother Ben passed away, who was also a musician, and she has been playing guitar and singing ever since.  With a folksy and soulful sound, Hayley has been entertaining people with her music at various venues around Bloomington and has no plans of stopping.  Hayley believes that it is music's rare ability to express that which words cannot and bring people together that has drawn her soul to music all of these years, and feels extremely blessed to be able to share her music with the world.

Sister Mary

Sister Mary is an amazing singer, songwriter, banjo picking story teller. She came through Bloomington on tour for her album Sanctuary and we helped her set up a show at the Grant Street Co-op. Listen to her music on her bandcamp page and be swept away by the fairytales of her voice.


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